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“Atheist hypocrisy”

The concept (and unfortunately, the reality of) Christian hypocrisy has been discussed here a good deal lately. In their continuing “debate,” Douglas Wilson responds to Christopher Hitchens on the issue of morality by asking a simple question: “Is there such a thing as atheist hypocrisy?”


Atheist persecution

There is a right way and a wrong way for Christians to discuss with and even attempt to convert atheist. This is the wrong way for so many reasons.


Is Christianity good for the World?

Christopher Hitchens, author of God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, and Douglas Wilson, author of Letter from a Christian Citizen, seek to tackle that question at Christianity Today. HT: Hot Air, who also details the Hitchens v. Sharpton debate, with the good Rev....


This year’s Templeton Prize winner

From the Templeton site (HT: Prosthesis): NEW YORK, MARCH 14 – Professor Charles Taylor, a Canadian philosopher who for nearly half a century has argued that problems such as violence and bigotry can only be solved by considering both their secular and spiritual dimensions, has won the 2007...


Atheism’s Suicide of Reason

Prosthesis has a good article about the errors Christians make in attacking the likes of atheist apologists Harris and Dawkins, but he also calls out what he sees as the real problem with Angry Atheists – their abandonment of reason while claiming to be reason-based....

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