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Spiritual Counterfeits Project Journal

I received my first free copy of SCP Journal, as part of our partnership with Mind & Media, who link Christian publishers with bloggers who agree to review their publications in exchange for receiving the materials free.  As I always say, however, that doesn’t guarantee...


The Real History of the Crusades

Often, when I am discussing the violent teachings of the Islamic faith, someone will counter with “what about the crusades?”  I am so tired of this dodge, for many reasons.  For one, it is a dodge of the issue, which is that Islam teaches violence...


What is a Biblical Literalist?

Liberals like to classify anyone who takes the bible more than allegorically true as literalists, but there is a whole spectrum.  I couldn’t find a good description of these different approaches, maybe you can.  Here is my somewhat tongue-in-cheek take on it: 1. Biblicist –...