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Jesus and the Socratic Method

Today’s Christian, a mag put out by the CT people, has a nice article entitled Ask Before You Answer.  It’s well worth a read, and may make me change my own style a bit.  Isn’t it uncanny how often our Lord answered a question with...


Review: Total Truth, Part II

In Part I, I gave my first impressions of the book, which were positive.  My first impression is giving way to a deeper appreciation for this work.  Although I am still only 1/8th of the way in, I want to report on what I am...


Modern Myths About Christianity – Witch Hunts

Mynym over at Beyond Good and Evil has a nice post about some Indian villagers who killed a local barber because they thought he was practicing black magic (no telling if their religion made them do it).  He goes on to discuss witch hunts and...


Spiritual Counterfeits Project Journal

I received my first free copy of SCP Journal, as part of our partnership with Mind & Media, who link Christian publishers with bloggers who agree to review their publications in exchange for receiving the materials free.  As I always say, however, that doesn’t guarantee...


The Real History of the Crusades

Often, when I am discussing the violent teachings of the Islamic faith, someone will counter with “what about the crusades?”  I am so tired of this dodge, for many reasons.  For one, it is a dodge of the issue, which is that Islam teaches violence...


What is a Biblical Literalist?

Liberals like to classify anyone who takes the bible more than allegorically true as literalists, but there is a whole spectrum.  I couldn’t find a good description of these different approaches, maybe you can.  Here is my somewhat tongue-in-cheek take on it: 1. Biblicist –...

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