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Christianity and Liberalism – Part I

Christianity and Liberalism was originally published in 1922, in response to the growing theological liberalism of the early 1900’s.  Not only is this book well written, it’s interesting to see the criticisms of liberalism which still hold true, as well as those that seem a...


Who are you to judge?

Update:  Joe Carter at EO has posted a response to Challies’ article below, and I have inserted the 9th comment   ————————————- Tim Challies has a nice article, and a good reference post discussing the principles around judgment vs. reproof and rebuke.  Very timely, seeing our...


Is The Da Vinci Code a threat?

Yes, it is all Da Vinci Code all the time. My blog (partially) – my topics. Just kidding (partially). I thought I had sufficiently answered the questions of Christians motives in responding to DVC in my two previous posts on the topic, but apparently not....