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S.N. Goenka and Vipassana Meditation

I chose to study and follow up on this Buddhist teacher and style of meditation because of all the spiritual disciplines, I feel that this one has had the most profound practical impact on me, despite the fact that salvation and time spent with the...


REVIEW: Islam by Braswell

George W. Braswell Jr.’s Islam: Its Prophet, Peoples, Politics and Power is a concise yet fairly comprehensive introduction to the history, doctrines, and practice of Islam. Braswell, a Baptist professor of missions, has spent the majority of his career understanding and teaching on the beliefs...


The Experience of Praying the Psalms

This paper was written for a graduate level M. Div. class at Fuller Theological Seminary. The author of the book I used, James W. Sire, has authored an impressive suite of books that you should check out. — Surprisingly to me, the spiritual discipline of...