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Now that I’ve worked my way through all of the state initiatives, I thought I’d publish my guide to these, and how I voted. Some of the initiatives are confusing, and it’s hard to figure out the actual outcome! However, when the thuggish, criminal SEIU is involved, I know which way NOT to vote. Thank God they weighed in on some of these confusing initiatives. You can research all of these initiatives at

Prop 30: Temporary Taxes to Fund Education, Public Safety – NO

While this initiative proposes to raise money for schools and public safety, it’s a temporary fix to the bigger problem of spending. Also, I’ve never met a temporary tax that didn’t want to become permanent. Additionally, Prop 38 takes a long term view that doesn’t just tax the employers (those earning > $250K a year), but everyone. Now THAT’S what I see as ‘fair.’

Prop 31: State and Local Budget. Constitutional amendment and statute – YES

The SEIU is against it. Do I need any more evidence to vote for it when a known criminal organization is against it? No.

Prop 32: Prohibit Political Contributions by Payroll Deduction – YES

This prohibits unions from using payroll deducted funds for political purposes. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met who hate the politics of their union, but have to belong and pay dues in order to be employed. Oh, and the SEIU is against this. So I am for it.

Prop 33: Auto Insurance Prices Based on Insurance History – NO

While this looks like a consumer protection bill to allow people to change insurance companies and keep their good driver discounts, it is SUPPORTED by the car insurance companies. Hrm. Further investigation indicates that this may actually be a way for them to legally raise rates on people who have temporary gaps in their insurance, like poor people and veterans.

Prop 34: Repeal the Death Penalty in CA – YES

I have recently changed my position on the death penalty, not because I think it is unjust, but because I have seen how many people are falsely convicted and exonerated later. I’m willing to give on this issue. My conservative friends disagree. Until, perhaps, they’ve seen the stories at The Innocence Project.

Prop 35: Increase Human Trafficking Penalties by Making them Sex Offenses – NO

This is another deceptive initiative. I mean, who would NOT want increased penalties for human traffickers? The problem is, this bill confuses and conflates human trafficking with sex offenses, and while it increases monetary penalties, it gives NONE of that money to the victims, and all of it to an as to be named state agency. This is poorly constructed, and should be redone. Oh, and did I mention that the SEIU is FOR it? I wonder what a Union gets out of this legislation? Money, perhaps? Certainly.

Prop 36: Make the ‘Third Strike” only valid for serious or violent felonies – NO

All of the law enforcement people with years of experience, including the author of the original three strikes law, are against this. Why? Because if you have two violent offenses, but your third is not a ‘serious’ felony, they want to keep you on the streets. Truth is, DAs and judges already have the discretion to not count this type of ‘non serious felony’ from being your third strike. This would mandate it. I want our judges to have the ability to use their own judgment on these repeat offenders.

Prop 37: Labeling of GMO Foods – YES

I don’t think this will actually cost more, and I am all for consumer information. Monsanto, the evil corn corporation (go watch King Corn if you don’t believe me), is the top opposition funder in this battle. Opponents are claiming that the organic food companies who support this are the evil capitalists trying to increase labeling burdens on their competitors. You have got to be kidding me.

Prop 38: Tax to Fund education and Early Childhood Programs – YES

California is 47th in per-capita spending on students. I am all for spending where it counts, and even taxing, esp. if legislation is long term, forward thinking, and fair. This taxes ALL citizens with a sliding scale (why couldn’t it be flat? I guess you can’t be TRULY fair in California). This initiative also aims to pay off debt. Imagine that. Now they’re talking my language – fiscal responsibility.

Prop 39: Taxes on Multistate Businesses – NO

This was a tough one, but looking closely at it, I don’t think it’s really about just raising money for California – it will penalize businesses that sell here, and will raise our prices. AND, the SEUI is for it. Why? I don’t know, but I’m voting against it.

Prop 40: State Redistricting Keep as Is? – NO

This prop will probably fix nothing. Gerrymandering will go on. I just thought, “What the heck, maybe a change will do good.” The confusing thing here is that a YES vote keeps the status quo, and a NO changes it. Who is going to figure that out? Not many.