I have just finished reading James M. Arlandson’s 8-part series on Christianity and Pacifism, and it is fantastic. It does a great job of explaining the Christian stances on such questions as “Can Christians join the military or law enforcement?” (YES)  “Is the Church ever to be militant?” (NO) “In times of extreme persecution, can Christians form armed militias?” (YES, if they protect all people, not just their own), and many more.  I highly recommend the series below.

  1. Jesus, Pacifism, and the Sword
  2. Pacifism and the Sword in the Gospels
  3. Soldiers, Officers, and God
  4. Church and State – and the Sword
  5. Should the State turn the other Cheek?
  6. Questions and Answers on Pacifism and the Sword
  7. Summary
  8. Addendum – Fight or Flight?