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Whoopi and Joy from the daytime show The View walked off the set when Bill O’reilly said that Muslims attacked us on 9/11 – he ‘forgot’ to say ‘radical’ Muslims (video below). But as I’ve said many times previously (Why there may never be a vibrant moderate Islam, There are no moderate Muslims), the problem is not radical Muslims, but the Koran itself, which they are following faithfully, not in a twisted manner.  Here’s my letter to Bill, who is missing this:

The reason for the confusion over the difference between Jihadists and Islam proper is as plain on the nose on our faces, but we are missing it.

Orthodox Islam *is* Jihadist – it is not a fringe or ‘hijacked’ version of Islam, but Islam proper, per the Koran.  THAT is why:

  • Islamic nations worldwide are oppressive and violent
  • Islamic terrorism is almost a redundancy
  • Moderate Muslims have such a hard time suppressing Jihadism – because they can’t really defend their position from the Koran without appealing to liberal interpretations rather than straightforward interpretations.

Moderate Muslims are just not Orthodox. Worse, they can not really defend their views from the Koran, so they are not really able to argue against Islam from a religious perspective (from their Book), but rather, must side with humanism *against* Islam in argumentation, something which wins no points in religious arguments, in which you must appeal to authority.

I hope that such a long response will make air.  At least the bold part.