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I have finished importing over 2K posts from, my previous site, shared with two other authors.

The changes to the blog are minor – the other authors will now be considered guest authors, and this site will become my main ‘ministry’ site.

Feel free to look around. More changes in my work log, including:

  1. Re-loading, by hand, all of my images – typepad’s heinous export does not allow you to export the image names with the html. Ugh.
  2. Setting up the podcast
  3. Setting up the store!
  4. Updating my ‘About’ page
  5. Adding plugins for Amazon, Scripture links, and more.
  6. Updating all of my internal links
  7. Updating the archive pages to show only Titles
  8. Replacing the comment system with IntenseDebate
  9. Parsing out the Politics category into smaller ones
  10. Perhaps having a two-tier category structure
  11. Updating the RSS feed to use Feedburner
  12. Getting some sleep