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Found a new great site from Australia called Faith Interface (now defunct 01/20/2020) and they have a really well thought out article on what I hope is a movement – Christians leaving behind the frailties of 19th and 20th century Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism for a more mature, balanced, intellectual, and powerful faith.

I highly recommend you read all of The Renaissance Christian, but you can also see my list of the main points below.

1/20/2020 UPDATE: The original site is gone, but you can read more about this movement at

Here’s the introductory paragraph:

The Renaissiance Christian is characterised by renewed interest and learning in the following areas of the Christian life:

1. Christian theology.

2. The history and development of Christian thought throughout the history of the Church, from the early church through to the present, including the Judaic and Greco-Roman context in which Christianity was born and developed.

3. Philosophy and the history of ideas. This includes both secular philosophy and philosophy of religion.

4. Science, the history of science, the philosophy of science and contemporary scientific endeavour. This includes reconciling paradigms of modern science and Christian thought.

5. Contemporary culture and the interface of contemporary Christianity within the contemporary culture.

6. The Arts and Music. In particular the expression and interface of contemporary Christianity with secular arts and music.

A “Renaissance Christian” recognises the need for development of both the Christian mind and an authentic spiritual and devotional life. This involves intellectual engagement in the Christian faith and with the wider culture, but also proper attention to one’s relationship with the triune God through the Holy Spirit.