Here's a few tidbits of news and opinion that have jumped out to me over the last few days.

Wait, who's astroturfing again? Answered my phone last night, only to be greeted by a recording of a nice-sounding young girl encouraging me to show up to a health-care town hall meeting hosted by a local Democrat congressman. She informed me that I should do this because our President needs help in supporting his health care reform proposals. She then let me know that this call was paid for by the DNC. Shame on you GOP for trying to astroturf these healthcare meetings. Thank you DNC for merely informing me of the upcoming event that would be of interest to me.

Angry mob meme: Out. Over-reporting mob: In. Since classifying opponents of the President's health care reform as "angry mobs" have not helped improve the poll numbers of the President, his health care proposals or the Democratic Congress, the tactics have changed. EJ Dionne is now blaming the media for overhyping the protesters and blowing their numbers out of proportion.

For weeks, many liberals have been pointing to the worst examples of protesters and claiming those individuals were representative of the entire Republican party and all conservatives. Now Dionne is trying to back track and say that the protesters are really some fringe kooks that should not be taken seriously.  Can we at least make up our mind about whether the protesters are outlying idiots with no real influence or the epitome of the GOP?

Perhaps this explains the "angry mob" change.
The conservative protesters were said to be potentially violent and dangerous to the liberal politicians and the ordinary people who just want to come peaceful and hear about health care reform.

I have yet to see an example of a health care reform protester injurying a politician or supporter of health care reform (if you know of one, please let me know. I have not kept up with news as much since classes have started). I have see two examples of supporters attacking and injurying those who were opposed. Several union goons attacked a black conservative in New Hampshire and more recently a 65-year-old had his finger bitten off by a reform supporter. (Other reform suppoters have callously pointed out that the individual's finger was saved because of government health care (Medicare), ignoring the issue of the violence and the differences between the proposals and the current system of Medicare.)

Jesus-endorsed health care reform. Can you smell the double standard? Tony Perkins can. Appearing on liberal MSNBC host Ed Schultz's show, Perkins called Schultz and fellow liberals out for crying "theocracy" any time a conservative qoutes a scripture, but having no problem with pronouncing that Jesus would support government run health care, as Schultz did in their conversation.

Crazy conspiracy theorists need government jobs, too. So much has been made of the birther nonsense, but the media hasn't been too interested in the fact that one of Pres. Obama's "czars," of which he has many and all of them by passed congressional approval, publically signed on to a Truther document calling for an investigation into what the government knew about 9/11.

Anyone want to guess what would happen if the next Republican administration appoints a birther as a political adviser to the President?

Supporting democracy, one dictator at a time. The US has officially cut off aid to Honduras, after the current president refused to allow the former president back into power. Manuel Zelaya was ousted by order of the nation's supreme court according to their constitution and supported by the legislature, including members of Zelaya's own party after he tried to hold a popular vote on whether he should be allowed to run for a second term. Both the popular vote on the issue and the second term are both unconstitutionally.

How many South American democracies have been ended after presidents were allowed to make small tweaks that become larger ones which eventually led to dictatorships? It seems strange that Obama has been clear about not "meddling" in Iran. Why has he been actively "meddling" in Honduras in support of Zelaya?

Seeing Mary in a piece of toast is so 1990's. Gaia in the ice is 2009. And with this, extreme environmentalists finally cement the fact that they are and have been just as much of a religion as Catholicism. At least Mary appears in places the average person can see. Gaia appears to be a little stuck up and only shows herself to scientists wealthy enough to visit the Arctic circle. Gaia's an elitist!

Ambassadorships! Get your ambassadorships right here! Political pay-back ambassadorships are an unfortunate reality of our government, but that was all supposed to Change with the arrival of Hope. Turns out … not so much. Conservative news bastion NPR reported that Obama appointed political fundraisers to important and prime ambassadorships: England, Germany, France, Spain, Canada and Japan. The new appointee to Japan has never even been in the country.

Until they were informed by members of Clinton's State Department in July, the Obama administration was on pace to well exceed the traditional 30/70 ratio of political appointments to career diplomats.

Piping Big Brother Obama into the classrooms? To close it out, I have to point out one area where I think many conservatives have overreacted: Obama's planned speech to school kids. I'm not sure it is the wisest move on his part at the moment of an extremely controversial political discussion, spearheaded by him, to pipe himself into televisions across the nations to speak directly to children. It gives his opponents way too much ammo in virtually all of their talking points.

The administration had to back track and remove a section where children “Write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president." Is he that tone-deaf to opposition that he thinks everyone would be super excited about their children writing essays about helping him out? That phrase can mean so many things and political opponents are going to latch on to that and make it mean something as negative as possible. (See: McCain, John – Economics) After all, Democrats used a similar effort in 1991 by the first Pres. Bush against him saying it was wasting precious education dollars for a politcal stunt.

While it was a stupid move politically on the part of the President, especially the aforementioned letter writing, it can be a very inspiring thing for young African-American males (and others) to see and hear the President encourage them to work hard at getting a good education.

I have no worries that Obama's speech will stay firmly in the lines of platitudes concerning the benefits of staying in school and helping others. (The only real concern would be, as Michelle Malkin pointed out, liberal teachers (or conservative teachers) taking the opportunity in class to attempt a little indoctrination and turn the time into a discussion on the merits of Obama's health care reform proposals or cap-and-trade legis
lation, etc.