Liberal groups have taken to referring to those who publicly disagree with Pres. Obama's health care proposal as "mobs," but a recent news story tells a different story:

After the meeting, everyone from grandmothers and students to veterans
and mothers pushing strollers marched along Lake Merritt to Oakland
City Hall for an afternoon rally at which Lee again spoke.

Oh, wait that is how the media was portraying anti-war and anti-Bush protests. Grandmothers and children protesting can now be called mobs, Nazis, brown shirts, political terrorists, thugs, etc. Somehow things have changed.

I will now agree that Obama brought change to Washington. Here are some of the changes that have taken place since his inauguration.

    1. Posters that mock the President as a sadistic killer are no longer socially acceptable.
    2. Any rhetoric that even hints at getting close to violent at the party in power is offensive. (Clarification: This does not apply to the "Kill Bush" t-shirts in the closet or the assassination chic art that was popular circa 2008)
    3. Fringe conspiracy theorists of the opposing party are now to be promoted by the media as prominent and characteristic of the opposition. (Clarification: This was not true of Truthers. They should not be connected in any way to the Democratic party.)
    4. Deficit spending is no longer a big deal. (Clarification: The former President's spending was, and still is, a burden to future generations. The current President's exponentially greater deficit spending is necessary to keep our economy afloat.)
    5. Bailouts from Washington to big businesses are now acceptable.
    6. Those who disagree with the President are no longer grassroot activists. They are now angry mobs or political terrorists. As an aside, any organizing done by the President is de facto "grassroots."
    7. Quotes made by a candidate can no longer be used as proof of what they believe on an issue. "He said it," cannot be applied especially when prior to be elected President, he said he supported universal, single-payer ("everybody in, nobody out"), government-run health care. That is "disinformation" because he changed his mind and never told anyone. (Exception: Quotes made by McCain or Palin are still usable, especially the one by McCain saying that he didn't understand the economy. That is still OK to use, no context needed.)
    8. TV and Radio commentators that criticize the President are now exorbitantly paid shills. (Exception: This does not apply to those brave individuals who criticized the former President and still criticize him while exercising their Constitutional right to free speech).
    9. Reporters Joining the Admin: While the sparse few journalists that left their job to work for the previous administration or Republican politicians are still hacks, the ever increasing list who have done so with the current administration were perfectly unbiased in their reporting beforehand and bring an air of impartiality to the current White House.
    10. Calling the President a Nazi is now very wrong. (Exception: This rule applies only to the current President and his political party. Those in the opposing party or even citizens who oppose a policy of the President can still be compared to Nazis by liberal politicians and liberal "journalists.")
    11. Big Brother and ratting on your neighbors: Having a White House office that is unaccountable to Congress which asks for citizens to turn in contact information of other citizens who disagreed with the President is fine, but it is still wrong for the Dept. of Homeland Security of the former administration to have access to what books certain people were checking out from local libraries.
    12. Gitmo: It was wrong for the former President to keep the terrorists at Gitmo, however the current President is working hard to clean up the mess left by the former President and may have to make tough decisions such as continuing the exact same policy which he criticized before he became President. (Extension: It was wrong for the former President to not bring our troops home now. The same is not true for our current President. He must make a responsible choice.)
    13. Belittling free speech: Tell the opposition to shut up: perfectly fine for the current President to do.
    14. Being Post-partisan: Telling the opposition to shut up in the same speech you call for reaching across the aisle and uniting opposing sides: even better – now.
    15. Church and state is ok again: Holding campaign rallies/prayer vigils in favor of political policies are in no way violations of the separation of church and state – as long as they are in favor of the President's policies.
    16. Thugs: Organized groups brought in by politicians can attack citizens protesting the politician, shout racial slurs and get arrested without it indicating anything negative about the politician, the policy or their supporters. Remember, its those opposing the policy that is the mob and are automatically racist.
    17. Patroitism and criticism: Dissent is no longer the highest form of patriotism. It is now officially unpatriotic.
    18. Oceania: We are now at war with Oceania and we have always been at war with Oceania.

      Some of this is admittedly hyperbole on my part, for a reason. Consistency is a difficult principle to maintain in politics. Everyone struggles with it. It is easy to criticize the party in power when you did not vote for them.

      It becomes much harder to recognize the faults of those in power when they agree with you, especially when they are being attacked, at least from your perspective, by those with whom you disagree.

      Supporters of Obama should at least recognize and be able to acknowledge some inconsistency on the handling of those who protested Bush's polcies and those who protested Obama's. If it is wrong to make assassination jokes or art, it is always wrong. If it is wrong to compare politicians to Nazis, it is always wrong. If protesting those in power is appropriate, it is always appropriate.