One of the conservative PACs that send me emails is  Here's their latest, somewhat alarmist missive, which I wanted to share.  And while their tone is a little over the edge, at what point do we get alarmed?  Are we like the proverbial frog in the kettle, not seeing our rights erode gradually?  Should we be alarmed that Christian bookstores are being forced to hire homosexuals, or that fertility clinics are being forced to service lesbian couples, or that doctors may be forced to do abortions against their consciences? 

Maybe it is time to be alarmed and to fight. 

Dear Daniel,

The dam has
broken in Sacramento. Democrat legislators, drunk with their majority
power in both houses of the California Legislature, have introduced
bills attacking everything that is good and sacred.

believe me? Stop and realize that 100% of California's Democrat
legislators are pro-abortion. And nearly all the Democrats in
Sacramento are pushing the homosexual, bisexual, transsexual agenda
upon little children under the banner of "tolerance," "safety" and
"civil rights."

Over my 15 years of statewide leadership,
I've seen very wicked things and very foolish things. I've seen
Democrat politicians trampling religious freedom and parental rights
for the last decade. I've seen most Republican politicians vote against
the Democrat's anti-family bills, but only a few of them willing to
raise their voices to inform the public.

Today in California, homosexuals have more legal rights than parents or people of faith. Don't believe it?

  • California law today allows fines up to $150,000 if moral business owners, even a Bible bookstore owner, doesn't hire a homosexual, bisexual or transsexual applicant.
  • In-vitro fertilization doctors who have religious values against homosexuality have been ordered by the California Supreme Court to participate in "lesbian parenthood."
  • Sexual indoctrination laws
    passed by the Democrats in 2008 and signed by liberal Republican Arnold
    Schwarzenegger mean that government schools must positively promote
    "LGBT" lifestyles or else they'll be sued — if not now, later.

The situation is so bad that on March 2, when anti-Prop. 8,
pro-homosexual "marriage" resolutions came to the floor of the
California Legislature, ONLY Democrat legislators voted FOR homosexual
"marriage" and AGAINST the people's vote on Prop. 8. No Democrat
legislator voted against these anti-Prop. 8 resolutions. Democrat
politicians have revealed they're against the democratic process! HR 5 | SR 7

now, as reliable as mosquitos in the evening air, Democrat politicians
in Sacramento have introduced terrible bills that would:
  • Mandate that pro-life doctors promote abortions against their own conscience.
  • Force pro-life pharmacists to dispense the abortion-causing drugs RU-486 and the "morning-after pill." 
  • Establish an official homosexual day in government schools with pro-gay "exercises" for children to perform.
  • Legalize
    marijuana, inviting teenagers and young adults to permanently damage
    their brains and lungs, and placing the public at greater risk on the
These four
extreme, anti-family bills are a test for all pro-family Californians.
How you and I respond is important. Because of the anti-family voting
records of most Democrat politicians, these death-loving,
immorality-pushing, child-corrupting bills WILL pass IF you:
  1. Succumb to fear
  2. Sink into fatalism
  3. Turn away in disgust
  4. Run from discomfort
  5. Don't care
  6. Don't love
But please care. Please love. Please intervene. Please be courageous. Please have hope. Please act now.

Here's how you can do your part to fight the Democrats' extreme,
anti-family bills in the California Legislature.
makes it easy for your voice to be heard.


1. Oppose AB 67 and AB 120, which
would require physicians and pharmacists to promote abortion despite
their moral convictions against the taking of human life.

2. Oppose SB 572,
which would institute an official "Gay Day"/"Harvey Milk Day" in
government schools with "exercises" for children from kindergarten on

3. Oppose AB 390, which
would decriminalize marijuana, thus giving the invitation to teenagers
and young adults to smoke pot and get hooked, harming their lungs and
brains, opening themselves up to other drugs, and placing the driving
public at greater risk.

4. Oppose more tax hikes and fee hikes, now that another $8 billion deficit is projected for the state budget. Many Democrat politicians want to tax families AGAIN, on top of the $1,000 per family tax-and-fee hike going into effect April 1.