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Gay marriage = higher divorce rates2 min read

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Joe Carter at EO has a well documented article on how to call the bluff of most gay-marriage advocates – tell them that if they are really interested in the institution of marriage, they should push for stricter divorce laws – which will never happen, since fidelity, while a common human virtue poorly practiced, is practiced even less in gay relationships (at least, male ones).  Joe provided a slew of stats, and this interesting observation from the National Review:

Suppose same-sex marriages were introduced by legislation that also
made divorce much harder to obtain.  How many same-sex couples would then be rushing to join San Francisco’s wedding carnival?  My suspicion is that lesbians would heavily outnumber gay
men and that there would be a great many grooms left waiting at the
municipal altar. It is not lifelong commitment that the couples are
seeking (except in moments of romantic fantasy), but the revolving door
of modern marriage with no-fault divorce.

Joe went on to comment:

Gay men–like men in
general–tend to be more promiscuous than women. Yet unlike married
heterosexual men, gay men don’t assume that taking wedding vows means
accepting sexual exclusivity.

One of the more interesting observations of the gay culture is this one:

Monogamy is [considered] a  "straight" ideal that may or may not be useful in gay relationship.

The gay idea of marriage has less to do with fidelity, and more to do with social legitimization.  And *because* it has less to do with fidelity, sanctioning gay marriage results in the degradation of marriage, because gay marriage won’t emphasize the most important parts of marriage – fidelity and a healthy, consistent environment for childhood development.

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