As an evangelical Christian, when I discuss issues with those who have a different belief system I have to always remember that the other person is often operating from an ill-informed, media-driven stereotype.

One of my favorite sites, Get Religion, deals with the media’s coverage of, obviously enough, religion. A recurring theme is the treatment of evangelical culture as if the reporter is working for National Geographic studying some lost people group in unknown regions of the Amazon jungle.

Three recent posts demonstrated that fact. One was dealing with an aspect of the purity movement. Another showcased clergy reaction to the California gay marriage ruling. The other highlighted one lone evangelical couple and their opposition to gay marriage. That post contained a link to a somewhat surprising site (at least to me):

Just as the media gives a stereotype to evangelical Christians, they also do the same for homosexuals. I knew this to be the case, as groups like the Log Cabin Republicans are not mentioned often.

It was interesting to read the thinking of a gay man who supports marriage remaining between one man and one woman. He is Jewish and much of his thinking is based on his faith, but it was fascinating to read some of his thoughts. While I disagree with him on many things, he and others like him bring a different (and needed) perspective to this national debate.