I will now detail why I am throwing my whole-hearted support behind John McCain and why this blog from now until the election will be McCainiac central.

Actually, I’m just kidding. To provide much-needed (and asked for) “balance,” here are some things on which I disagree with Sen. McCain or which look bad for him.

McCain denounced the NC GOP ad connecting the two Democratic nominees for governor to Obama and by extension Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

While, I thought the ad was pointless politically, especially at this point in the process (both on the governor’s race and the presidential election), I didn’t think it deserved to be denounced. If the state party wanted to run the ad and risk the fall-out, they should be able to do that. I didn’t like McCain telling them to pull the ad (which they have since done).

I didn’t like McCain jumping on the liberal playbook and calling Pres. Bush’s response to Katrina “disgraceful.” That mess was (and is) a complicated thing. I’m glad to see that he softened the blow somewhat by spreading the blame around, but it wasn’t needed to pander to voters in New Orleans by ripping an unpopular president of your party.

It is a bureaucratic nightmare, but that is a long standing government problem and why I hate seeing the federal government get involved with anything on the state and local level. They always spend too much, spend it unwisely and make the actual problems worse, while needy people are left out by the behemoth.

There were rumors floating that McCain was blocking a vote on a key piece of immigration legislation because a vote on either side would hurt him politically. That’s the kind of “Maverickiness” that tempts many conservatives and Republicans to either stay at home or go third-party.

McCain may have the Republican nomination wrapped up, but he doesn’t seem to have the family of the sitting Republican president wrapped up.

Overall, I don’t really like McCain or trust him as a politician. I think McCain/Feingold was a disaster and hurt our free speech rights, while doing little to nothing to stop actual corruption. I despised the McCain/Kennedy immigration bill and was glad to see it defeated. I’m not sold on his support of tax cuts and conservative economic policies. I’m not thrilled that he enthusiastically agrees with the idea of man-made global warming. I don’t know if he can be trusted to nominate strict constructionist judges to the bench.

There’s a whole host of reasons why McCain was one of my last choices in the Republican field. However when it comes to choosing between him and the Democratic nominee (be it Obama or Clinton), he is the lesser of two evils. I find myself in the position of Rep. Tom Tancredo, I’m supporting him not endorsing him. He says the difference is:

The distinction is that one implies a little more enthusiasm.