I’m sure this is George W. Bush’s fault some how, but Kristen Powers (Democratic strategist) and Christopher Hitchens are not buying into the Obama-hype. They are now part of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy to which Hillary first alerted us and of which she is now a prominent member.

From Hitchens:

And I could not help but notice that Obama’s televised podium of supporters was exclusively white last night in Indiana, whereas his belief that he will win in North Carolina is based almost entirely on his anticipated command of the large “black” vote in that state.

And this will be – always assuming that other voters are predictable and unaffected – his revenge for Pennsylvania.

So really, what is all this about a “post-racial” election? The true venom – racial and social and personal and political – is still to come.

Powers in the NY Post:

This popular sentiment suggests that Obama is being kept from the nomination by outside forces.

In fact, he is the one unable to overtake his opponent. The media should put down the Obama Kool-Aid and ask why. The normal rules of political psychology are that voters like to go with the winner.

Once a candidate catches fire and is treated as the presumed winner, voters tend to begin to fall in line. Not so in this primary.

A trend in this cycle has been the consistency of late deciders going for Clinton. Pennsylvania was no different. She won voters who made up their mind in the last day by 18 points and voters who made up their mind in the last three days by 16 points.

This suggests trepidation about Obama, despite his enormous advantages with money, media support, front-runner status, delegate lead and an opponent with high negatives.

Bonus for liberal readers: Moron Republican of the Day

Bonus for Obama supporters: Bill Clinton lied about a statement he made the day before on air.

Bonus bad story about McCain: He basically has to accept public financing because he and the RNC are getting creamed in fundraising by Obama.

Everyone happy now?