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While I will not be voting for Obama this fall, I can still recognize things that are unfair to him. There are two questions that have come up which Obama should not have to answer or even concern himself.

One is a new twist on an old attack. A Jonesville, South Carolina pastor has this for a church sign:

Here’s the video. While I’m ashamed this guy represents Christ and South Carolina, the only comfort I am taking is that he is from Jonesville. In high school, they were our school’s rival. They stole stuff from our locker room and threw rocks at our bus. The town is not home to the sharpest knives in the drawer. (Just kidding…kind of, but not about the rocks and the stealing).

Obama shouldn’t have to answer questions about his name being “just one letter switched” from Bin Laden’s. He can (and he should) discuss his policy ideas about dealing with terrorism, but none of that has anything to do with how similar his name is spelled to a terrorist. I grow weary of morons and this pastor (God bless his stupid little heart) is a moron.

Most of the people who came to complain weren’t much better. The sign isn’t racist. It’s just stupid. The guy wasn’t showing off his racism. He was showing off his idiocy. But because Obama is black, anything that questions him is de facto racism. I thought his “greatest speech ever” on race brought forth the great race debate and healing that we have so longed for, oh well. As silly as it was to equate the sign with racism, his stupidity in putting it up and his church’s in supporting it (not to mention his misspelling of “hmm”) trumps all.

So while Obama shouldn’t have to answer why his name is spelled “kinda funny,” he also shouldn’t answer for a technology adviser showing a video to Google employees of a prancing, half-naked Jesus strutting through Hollywood singing “I Will Survive” until he gets hit by a bus.

It was probably stupid of his adviser to show the video, especially if he did it after the recent “bitter” flap. But, I’m not going to work up some sort of faux-indignation about a stupid spoof video by an adviser.

Neither of those things have anything to do with who Obama is as a person and who he would be as a president. Those are the issues that should decide whether we will elect him as our president.