What happens when I get sick for a few days, get bogged down with loads of work, have a huge lock-in at church to plan for, preach a few sermons, try to apply for some seminary scholarships,  and find my RSS feed has way too many blog posts and news articles saved just waiting for me to expand on them with my *expert* opinion? You get this fantastic group of links. There’s something for everybody here, more than likely a couple of somethings for everybody.

I’ll probably have another one in the next couple of days because I still have a ton of marked stories to go through. I hate putting some of these in these big groups because there are some great stories in here worth spending some time on – I just don’t have that time. So, if one grabs your attention and you want to comment on it: go for it.



  • Barna details a new way to research church attendance.
  • Struggling to answer: “Does this church accept people who aren’t perfect?” Very good read.
  • Fantastic April Fool’s Day posts.
  • The Thinklings on why we need the institution of the church.
  • Good quotes by Rick Warren courtesy of Ed Stetzer.
  • Stetzer also has a good look at diversity outreaches by evangelical churches.
  • Rob Zinn gets it.
  • A new study looks at how we view sin – what it is and what type of things we think fall under that category. Here’s Tim Keller and Mark Driscoll’s definition of sin.
  • In whom do we have confidence? Here’s the annual list.
  • Warren says mainliners and evangelicals need to reconcile.
  • Can Christians be too obsessed and study the Bible too much?
  • Does an book shelf at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary devoid of Southern Baptist authors mean academia has left the SBC?
  • Michael Spencer writes that abstinence programs can sometimes hide and undercut the Gospel.
  • He also details how the church has failed in reaching out to GLBT individuals. This is followed by a comment he received from a homosexual Christian and part of his response.
  • Perry Noble details the characteristics of the early church that should be present in the modern church.
  • As a Christian and a professor of New Testament, Luke Timothy Johnson rejects people attempting to make the Bible say what they want it to say. Instead, he simply rejects the authority of the Bible for another authority – his experience.



  • From Evangelical Outpost’s 33 things:
    Kyte will be this year’s twitter and revolutionize video blogging.
    Wanna go back old school? You can play Nintendo games on your browser here.
  • The concept of Net Neutrality is dividing Christian and Conservative groups.
  • The real story of Galileo and the Church.
  • Recently the NFL tore down the wall of separation of church and Super Bowl.
  • Rev. Willy Drake does not like the Americans United for Separation of Church and State, so much so that he decided to pray that God would rain down his judgment on them. Just me, but I don’t see this as beneficial…to anyone.
  • A recent study looked at why kids lie and the type of parents that have lying children.