As I said yesterday, too many good stories and posts, too little time. So you get the sheer joy of sneaking a peak at the type of stories that catch my attention in my RSS feeder. As I said yesterday, comment on anything you see that grabs your attention.


  • Don’t mock Obama about his race, Clinton about her gender, but mock away at Huckabee’s faith – are evangelical Christians the last group that it is political correct to mock? Should they be? Should Christians care?
  • While the good mayor of Detroit has saw his situation turn from bad to worse. This quote from early on in his troubles was an all-time classic, as was Bruce Tomaso’s response:

    And he [Kwame Kilpatrick] said he intended to remain mayor “until God tells me to do something else.”

  • I wonder just when it was that the mayor started checking with God before acting.

  • Obama: For my faith some Bible verses are good, others (“obscure” ones) not so much.
  • In case your a glutton for punishment, here’s the entire text of Rev. Wright’s “God d*mn America.”
  • Obama takes the one step needed to silence all religious questions.
  • Barak Obama is seen as the healer and giver – a near saintly man. While Dick Cheney is reviled and hated as some demonic political machine. I’m not sure how that looks when you see the percentage each gave to charity in 2006. The Obama family’s giving increased to over six percent that year, after giving five percent the year before and less than one percent the previous five years. In contrast, 2006 saw the Cheney’s give 78% of their income away to charitable causes. Who knows what that means, if anything, but it’s odd how media personnas are often wrong.
  • Obama’s past position on abortion lacks the “nuance” of his current statements.
  • Sorry for all the Obama links. The man is interesting and newsworthy. Hillary Clinton…not so much.
  • As much as I despise James Carville politically, the man is vastly entertaining. After calling Bill Richardson “Judas” during the middle of Holy Week for his political betrayal of Hillary Clinton, Carville rebuffed calls for him to apologize:
    “I was quoted accurately and in context, and I was glad to give the quote and I was glad I gave it. I’m not apologizing, I’m not resigning, I’m not doing anything.”
  • Is Osama bin Laden’s rhetoric more theological or ideological?


  • Andy Rooney shot down a street evangelist at this year’s Super Bowl. The word to describe that guy (the Christian) is the same word used by Kinetic Church to describe the thief that stole their equipment.
  • Insightful words from someone who sold their soul on Ebay.
  • While many thought that a recent visit to the tomb of St. Francis of Assisi in Italy indicated that former USSR leader Mikhail Gorbachev was a Christian, the man himself says no change in his atheism.
  • Look out your window for pork with wings – Ted Tuner is joining with churches to fight malria. He even had some nice things to say about religion and appears to be softening his stance, unlike Gorbachev.
  • Want to pass your high school art class? Draw a demon. Want to fail your high school art class? Draw a cross with a Bible verse.
  • The evangelical elite, famous for their faith, don’t attend church nearly as often as the normal evangelical Christian.
  • Jehovah’s Witness was the fast growing Christian group in North America this past year. Catholics and Southern Baptist remained first and second. Mainline denominations, particularly the Episcopal Church, continued to see the largest drops.
  • Did Christians forget sin on Easter?


  • China is finding that is danged if it does and danged if it doesn’t when it comes to trying to stop the spread of religion, specifically Christianity. Everything they have tried has had the opposite effect.
  • A reporter has been sentenced to death for “blasphemy.” Of course, we knew it would happen with a theocrat in control of the White House. Who was it Helen Thomas, Dan Rather, Katie Couric? Oh wait, you mean it happened in the Muslim world? Nevermind.
  • A young Saudi girl was killed by his Islamist father. Unfortunately, that’s nothing new. What was the teenager’s “sin” that deserved death – she was chatting on Facebook.


  • First 24 goes green, now they have to soul-search about torture because of public opinion. Um…that’s what Jack Bauer does. Did anti-war public opinion help anti-war movies at the box office? This doesn’t mean I like torture, but you can’t go screwing up Jack Bauer.
  • It appears the prophet Steve Jobs and the Mac Bible is not inerrant after all. A follower is suing the company for falsely claiming that a monitor shows “millions of colors” when it actually only displays 262,144 true colors. Ever wonder if Judas thought about going the lawsuit route?
  • Ever miss Mystery Science Theatre 3000? Man, I loved that show. Although it’s not quite as good, you can get your political MST3K fix with some spoof political ads done by the guys behind the cult TV show.
  • If you would like to read the first six chapters of Adam, Ted Dekker’s newest novel, which my wife is picking up for me today (no sleep for me this weekend, until I finish it) – Here’s a link to view them or download them for free. If you are not familiar with Dekker’s writing, get familiar. The man is unbelievable and is only getting better.