• Why wives should submit

    – Tim Challies has a nice list of "ten proofs that submission precedes
    the Fall and is part of God’s natural order", taken from Wayne Grudem’s
    Evangelical Feminism and Biblical Truth.
  • Temporary Divorce for the children
    – couples in Spain are gaming the educational system by divorcing so
    that their children can get to the top of the list for entry into good
  • Japan’s population problem caused by pornography – A new study shows that the declining population in Japan is due in large part to men abandoning sex with women for masturbation and sex toys. "Pornography, masturbation aids, Internet porn sites and social networks that lead to "virtual relationships", soaplands and Japan’s widespread prostitution industry all allow men outlets for sexual fulfillment while not fulfilling other needs, such as procreation. The alarming trend has led medical experts in Japan to coin a new term for a condition they call "vaginal ejaculation dysfunctional disorder." Perhaps Planned Parenthood can add this to their family planning regimen – might be cheaper than condoms.