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I have previously discussed why the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition are not really very good objections to Christianity, and pastor D. James Kennedy addresses them nicely in his recent podcast Crimes In the Name of Christianity.  In a succinct 26 minutes, he addresses:

  • The Crusades: “Which crusade are you talking about?  The one where the Muslims forcibly took the Holy Land and all of the sacred places of Christianity [destroying half of them], or the later crusade of Christians to take them back?  Are you only interested in the latter crusade?  Why is that?”
  • The Inquisition: “We as Protestants had no part in the Inquisition, and … frequently it was evangelical Protestants who were on the receiving end of the inquisition, and never on the giving end.  We must understand the distinction between true Christians and nominal Christians, which even Jesus distinguished.”  That is, you my blame institutional Christianity of the time (Catholicism), but not Christianity itself.  In fact, true Christianity broke out of the Catholic church in the Protestant reformation.

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