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The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) (love that name) has an interesting commentary on a recent Washington Post article that documents the problems that gay couples are having, trying to get divorces in states that don’t recognize their Massachusetts marriages.  You see, they lack the same rights to divorce that straights have!  It seems that, esp. for young children, courts favored giving custody to the mother, but what if the child has two mothers, or none?  Do they favor the less "butch" of the two? 

Of course, gay advocates would answer that we just need to write new laws to
cover their specific problems, since hetero laws don’t apply.  But as
the CBMW discusses, what is really troubling about this is that
having gay parents was not so great for the children in the first place
(children, I might add, that did not come from their union), but now,
coming from a divorced gay home?  Insult to injury. 

Add to that statistics showing that gay unions last even less and less often than hetero ones, and you can see that gay marriage is a disaster visited mostly upon our children. (Here’s some statistics critics can ignore due to their source, but not their substance ;)