• Church builds outdoor sanctuary
    –  A Simi Valley church has decided to build their main sanctuary
    outdoors, in order to allow people to enjoy God’s creation, and to make
    it more like a 140 acre park that is open to the world, instead of a
    closed compound.  Nice.
  • How to Criticize – 9 Marks, the church development organization, has published 5 points on how to criticize others. 
  • Demon Deacons? (apologies to Duke U.) – Deacons in a 400 member Florida church are unhappy that they are being asked to fulfill the biblical role of deacon, since they are now having to give up control of the church and start serving widows and orphans. "We were running things just fine around here. I’m not about to start serving food, or fixing someone’s porch, I’ll tell you that right now."  Maybe they should learn the difference between Deacon and Elder.
  • Successful Diverse Communities seen – A recent Harvard study reveals that communities with increased ethnic and racial diversity actual suffer a worse sense of community, and worse community ties.  The reason?  Because diversity and shared humanity are not enough to produce a tight community – you need a better common thread than being human – you need common values and ideals.  And where, according to the report, is the only place in American culture that diverse communities seem to work?  Survey says – Evangelical megachurches. Liberals, eat your heart out.