Some news from around the web:

  • The New Atheism – Excerpts from  Marshall’s book The Truth Behind the New Atheism, and discussion of how atheism is built on the "Enlightenment myth" (also debunked in Stark’s book on the Biblical origins of Modern science)
  • An atheist’s unexpected journey to faith – Relevant magazine, one of the most useful and thoughtful Christian ezines (and podcasts), has a nice story about one atheist’s path to faith.
  • The Atheist’s Riddle – one armchair philosopher’s ongoing challenge to atheists – "the laws of physics and chemistry do not explain the existence of information."
  • Atheism and human exterminationCreation Ministries International discusses neuroscientist Dr John Reid’s chilling speech on why the logical outcome of evolutionary thinking MUST be a reduction of the human population, and specific parts of humanity at that.  Once again, when evolution and its bed-buddy atheism are applied logically, without Christian and human ethical restraints, they lead to where all such lies have always led in history – to atrocity.
  • Top 15 Quotes By Famous Atheists – one of my favorite sites, The List Universe, published this controversial set of quotes – too bad most of the quotes didn’t come from actual atheists, and the atheists and religious people pointed this out.