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I understand how liberals don’t want to demonize Muslims, but their total inability or unwillingness to connect violence with Islam is irresponsible, if not negligent.  The New York Times reported on the recent violence in France, calling the malfeasants  "dozens of youths."  Even Fox News can’t call it for what it is.

Imagine – over 100 "youths" shooting at police and firemen with hunting rifles, and burning over 100 cars overnight.  We all know what ideology these "youths" follow – Islam. 

You know what this is?  This is Islamic culture showing the
violent, hate filled, anti-democracy ideology that Islam really is.
The only "good" Muslims are the ones that don’t follow the teachings of
Mohamed, except for the nice ones that any humanistic person might.
Violence and victim mentality is what you get when you welcome Islam
into your midst.  It will happen here if we don’t take the steps I
outlined in Dealing with Islam: Passive or Active Resistance? 

Or as Fitzgerald wrote, in every "infidel" land like Europe, Asia, or Africa where Muslims have immigrated, terrorism and unrest follow.

At least Powerline has the courage to be clear:

Based on the pretext that this was no accident — i.e., the policemen
were waiting around for a motorcycle to run into — the local "youths"
(predominantly Arab and/or Muslim)
began looting and setting fires.

Islam is a curse on mankind. The liberal media needs to stop aborting discernment, and start distinguishing between religious ideologies that are anti-human and anti-righteous, and those that are human and righteous.