As you read this, you are one of the more educated members of American society. You are also one of the most politically informed and active, maybe some would say obsessed.

I don’t say that as a compliment, I say that as a reminder. As we are looking at all the political news that comes across the blogs, most of America is watching the latest reality show or the newest doctor drama. They don’t really care about politics right now.

While many think my own community of evangelicals is a large right-wing cabal focused soley on grabbing power in order to begin our theocradic reign, we are the group most likely to not know that Mitt Romney is aMormon.

Rudy’s fairly well known – 86% knew that he was the mayor of New York City. Only 42% knew Romney’s faith and half of that (21%) knew that Huckabee is a former Baptist pastor.

I’m not sure how much can be made either way of all the polls and numbers, when we factor in that beyond the four corners of your computer screen lies a vast wilderness of ignorance about all things political.