but, yeah, Hugh Hewitt is getting pretty bad lately in his pro-Romney spin.

I’m not going to call him a sychophant, but to paraphrase Hugh himself in his review of Romney’s speech: “anyone who denies he can see sychophantism from where he’s standing is not to be trusted as an analyst.”

Again, I respect Hugh in everything he does: blogger, pundit, radio host and evangelical Christian, but man if it wasn’t for his co-bloggers I couldn’t read HughHewitt.com anymore. It would be MittRomney.com.

I know Mitt’s his guy. I don’t have a problem with that. I like Mitt. I may vote for him in the primary and would vote for him in the general election were he to make it. But one can only take so much “Mitt-is-the-greatest-__________-to-ever-walk-the-earth-and-everyone-else-is the-worst-_____________.” It’s gotten to where it is pretty much fill in the blank on his posts.