Some great stuff from AIG:

  • Ken Miller and 48 to 46 chromosome fusion – AIG attempts to rebut Ken Miller’s interesting, challenging, obnoxious and superficial claim that the chimp chromosomes obviously fused to create to create the 46 chromosomes we see in man.  Peppered with weak appeals to biblical authority and Miller’s "blindness," the article nevertheless does a decent job of pointing out the superficiality of Miller’s claims, and the difficulties with his assumption when looking at the gene level.
  • Neanderthals and Language – more evidence that neanderthals were merely human, as creationists have long claimed (read "a testable creationist claim supported by science").  Interesting that papers in Nature and Science disagree, but because the Nature data disagrees with evolutionary assumptions, scientists are claiming that the DNA was contaminated in that study, but not the other.
  • Science confused about ice ages – this article is a nice overview of the current disagreements and confusion over the ice ages, and how the YEC view makes for a much cleaner and sensical explanation – Occam’s razor applies, and the YEC biblical view of a single, short (<1000 year)  post-flood ice age, comes out as simplest.  I read this and was very convinced by the YEC explanation.