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The Discovery Institute, whose stated mission is to “discover and promote ideas in the common sense tradition of representative government, the free market and individual liberty” has created a new site dedicated solely to providing accurate information on ID from the organizations that promote it.  Here’s their intro blurb for is not a Discovery Institute focused website, but rather a site that highlights the websites owned and operated by a number of pro-ID organizations, scientists and scholars, such as the Intelligent Design Network, Access Research Network, and

One of the main resources at is a list of ID FAQs maintained by different ID organizations. Defining what intelligent design theory is all about is an important function of the site, which Crowther [director of communications for the Center for Science & Culture at Discovery Institute] hopes will help to counter the many misrepresentations of the theory that can be found online.

‘Unfortunately, people who search for information about intelligent design on the internet are often finding only websites that attack the theory and give out false definitions and explanations of what it is,’  said Crowther. ‘We wanted to provide a site that would lead people to accurate information about what the theory of intelligent design is, and what sorts of scientific and scholarly research is being done by design proponents.’