After all indicators have shown that the situation in Iraq has improven dramatically, the press has nothing left to do but poll themselves to generate bad press.

Apart from asking journalists what they “believe” about the situation in Iraq, Reuters also had the courage to ask the press how they thought they were doing.

Reuters Reporter: How do you think the news coverage of Iraq has been?

Other News Reporter: I think we have done a fantastic job, maybe some have been a little too supportive of the war and President Bush, but overall I give me an A+.

Reuters Reporter: It’s amazing. I’ve been getting that same answer all day.

So while the journalists are busy giving high marks to themselves and low marks for the security of the nation, they had time to complain about things that were underreported. Yes the reporters are lamenting things that have not been reported on enough.

If things are underreported, and amazingly enough all the things they mentioned were negative stories, wouldn’t that be the job of, oh I don’t know, the reporters answering the survey questions about how their doing such a wonderfully fantabulous job over there.

As Ace said, I’d say they were beyond parody, but they [were] beyond parody a long time ago.”