So, which evangelical leader is supporting which candidate?  And whom will evangelicals vote for?  Currently we’ve got:

  • Pat Robertson – just threw in his support behind (ugh) Giuliani.  Big surprise to a lot of people.
  • James Dobson – and a coalition of other conservatives have said that they will NOT support Giuliani, but they haven’t supported anyone else yet.
  • Sam Brownback – after dropping out of the race, the prominent religious right Senator has backed McCain – but McCain is unpopular with conservatives due to his strong stand on campaign finance reform (I still like McCain, even though he is almost hated by many conservatives)
  • Bob Jones III – Hard core fundamentalist Bob Jones, of Bob Jones University infamy, supports Romney.  I think he is the best choice we have right now, since Huckabee is second tier.  But it’s funny to see Jones, who has, like most fundies and evangelicals, called Mormonism a cult.  But it just goes to show that Christians are really VALUES voters, not just voting for their people.

Interestingly, I heard Richard Land on NPR
this morning say that evangelicals, contrary to liberal insults, are
not easily led or unthinking.  Rather, he said, no matter whom the
evangelical leaders support, they will decide for themselves.  He
downplayed the weight of Pat Robertson’s decision, and said that at
this point, it still up to each candidate to win over the evangelical

Additionally, O’Reilly mentioned that what will probably happen with the republicans is that it will come down to Giuliani and non-Guiliani (probably Romney), and then they will fight it out in the primaries.