The press continues to stumble when they attempt to cover the reaction of evangelical Christians to Mitt Romney and that’s not coming from me, that’s coming from a reporter.

Somehow in my blog reading, I have missed GetReligion. I have no idea how I missed it, since it deals with religion (particularly Christianity) and the media.

The bloggers are Christians and religion writers in the media. With a degree in journalism from a Christian school and one who has constantly been interested in the intersections of the two fields, you would have thought I would have bookmarked this blog from the beginning.

Nevertheless, I am glad I found it now and appreciate the depth of knowledge they bring to issues of media and religion.

Terry Mattingly deals with a recent headline by the Dallas Morning News: “Dallas minister: Vote for a Christian, not Mitt Romney.”

Of course that’s not what the pastor said, but reporters do not understand the dynamics between the Mormon Church and evangelical Christians. The pastor said that Mitt Romney and any other Mormon are not Christians, they are members of a cult, no matter what Romney or any evangelical leader supporting him says.

That is neither an endorsement or a rejection of Romney’s candidacy. I can both accept that statement as fact – Romney is not a Christian – and still vote for him as the best available presidential candidate. The two are not mutually exclusive.

If Romney continues to be in the headlines and especially if he is the GOP nominee, I hope political reporters will do their homework in order to understand the distinctions and the differences between the two faiths, how they interact and how a rejection of Romney’s Mormonism is not automatically a rejection of Romney’s candidacy.