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In the most recent Jihad Watch vcast, Robert Spencer, author of many books critical of Islam, reacts to the recent “Islam is Peace” campaign in Britain.  Rather than focusing it’s message on “Islamophobia,” Spencer argues, moderate Islamists should:

  1. Focus their indignation on the violent Muslims who have perpetrated over 9,000 violent acts in the name of Islam since 9/11 (the main cause of “Islamophobia”)
  2. Renounce efforts to replace national constitutions with sharia law in non-Muslim countries
  3. Teach Muslims about peaceful co-existence with non-Muslims as equals on a permanent basis
  4. Teach against violent jihad and Islamic supremacism
  5. Actively work with Western Law enforcement to identify and apprehend Jihadists in Western society

    Spencer argues that if Muslims did THAT, no PR campaigns would be needed to rid the world of Islamophobia.  Note that Fitzgerald has commented on the need to expand Spencer’s commentary.