Eh, I’m not big into Halloween – one way or the other. I don’t think kids who go trick-or-treating are participating in Devil worship, but you won’t find decorations at my house or a costume on me.

But I’m a man of the people, so if you want to read some Halloween junk today – here you go:

Christianity Today’s blog talks about spiritual treats identified (and tested by) BeliefNet, like Sandy Candy (Bible themed pixy sticks), chocolate Buddha, and the Bible Bar (a nature bar based on ingredients from Deuteronomy).

The News-Record has the obligatory newspaper piece about church’s taking different approaches to Halloween, especially when it falls on a Wednesday night – traditionally the night for mid-week church services.

You can always go old-school Protestantism and celebrate Reformation Day. Come on, you know you have been elected to go and you find it irresistible. (Sorry for the bad theological “joke” I stole from Ed Stetzer.)

Whatever you do, don’t mention Chick Tracks around Joe Carter, especially the Halloween kind. You’ll have him sleeping with the lights on and mumbling something about a pumpkin-headed, chainsaw-wielding Satan.

A Mac-geek’s dream Halloween costume.

The ten strangest experiments of all time, like elephants on acid.

Ace’s obligatory Halloween post: filled with junk no one would carry about any of the other 364 days out of the year.

So if you don’t have kids dragging out all over the place to get free candy, here’s some light reading to kill some time until tomorrow and a return to sanity.