• Noah and the Ark
    – AIG has a nice, definitive discussion of the feasibility of Noah’s Ark, and why belief in such a historical event is not impossible, and may even be probable.  Answers many objections, though probably won’t satisfy hardcore skeptics.
  • YEC Radio Dating – Here’s a nice complete Young Earth Creationist overview of why C14 and other radio dating methods do not necessarily indicate that the world is old – it all depends on your assumptions.  Many scientists neglect the real big counter-indications with radio dating, including the problems of conflicting results between methods, and the dating of known modern items that dating says are ancient.  Evidence for a young universe does exist and is thought provoking.
  • Creationism and Human Rights – It seems that the Council of Europe, Europe’s central human rights body, has declared creationism to be a threat to human rights.  Al Mohler covers this absurdity nicely.