Some recent articles on gay/lesbian issues:

  • Gay by choice Mother Jones had a nice long article discussing the politics and science around homosexuality, including insight into the workings of NARTH, and a short interview with an ex-gay man who has gone through reparative therapy, and describes his journey.  Controversial, but interesting.

He also didn’t know that his same-sex attraction, far from being inborn
and inescapable, was a thirst for the love that he had not received
from his father, a cold and distant man prone to angry outbursts,
coupled with a fear of women kindled by his intrusive and overbearing
mother, all of which added up to a man who wanted to have sex with
other men just so he could get some male attention. He didn’t
understand any of this, he tells me, until he found a reparative
therapist whom he consulted by phone for nearly 10 years, attended
weekend workshops, and learned how to "be a man."

  • It’s in the way you walk
    –  A new study shows that atypical body types and movement can reveal
    your sexual orientation enough for people to somewhat accurately guess
    what your orientation is.  What does this mean?  Nothing, except that
    "gaydar" can be reduced to a science, I suppose.
  • Enforced Secularism
    – Al Mohler discusses how proposed anti-discrimination laws regarding
    homosexuality opens up the door to suing churches for harassment if
    they preach that homosexuality is a sin.  Of course, we all see this
    coming (see The coming conflict between same-sex marriage and religious liberty)