To take media ignorance of evangelical Christianity to a whole new level, we have Johann Hari of the Independent in the UK.

In making a worthy plea for the British to not allow ex-Muslims to be punished for their rejection of Islam, Hari decides to go “Christopher Hitchens” and rants:

If Christian fundamentalists were doing this – as they used to, and would like to again – none of us would hesitate in erupting in rage. But because Islamic fundamentalists are doing it, we feel awkward, and fall silent. The difference is the colour of their skin. There’s a word for this: racism.

It’s the little aside there that causes the whole argument to collapse for me. He gives instances of Muslims threatening to kill those who leave Islam. No examples of Christians polishing up the old guillotine. Just the blanket statement that Christians used to do this (okay, I won’t quibble with the interpretation of the horrible acts committed in the name of Christ) and want to do this again (says who?).

I always find this argument so absurd. People have killed people in the name of Christ, therefore Christians are biding their time until they can light up the stakes again. Does that mean that all atheists want to kill people as many atheistic communist nations did? Does that mean that all Democrats are racist and oppose equality for minorities, as they did in the mid-1900’s?

If that’s what he thinks, I’ll just Johann live his life in fear of the ever-looming inquisition that is sure to come and take him away.