Global Warming is so important to NBC that they are going to fly, privately of course, Matt Lauer to the Arctic, Al Roker to the Equator and Ann Curry to Antarctica. This is part of the network’s weeklong Green is Universal campaign, where they will be taking your favorite shows and filling them with climate change propaganda.

The entire Thursday-night lineup – The Office, My Name Is Earl, 30 Rock, Heroes and Deal or No Deal – will be eco-themed. Just what I need. Dwight Schrute from The Office and Randy from My Name Is Earl teaming up for a “very special” public service announcement. Did I mention how much I hate “very special” episodes of anything? If I wanted to learn about the dangers of taking speed, I wouldn’t watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air and if I wanted to hear how we are all going to die from global warming, I would want to watch a bunch of SNL has-beens on 30 Rock.

The most blatant case of stupidity though comes from jetting the news anchors all over the world to report about how evil greenhouse gases from evil fossil fuels are killing Mother Earth. Matt Lauer says they have thought about the issues and their intentions are noble so that makes it all okay:

There’s no question there are some travel arrangements that will require private transportation, and we’ve talked about that in terms of minimizing our carbon footprint. It’s impossible at this moment to say we can absolutely come up with a neutral carbon footprint, but it’s also something we’ll examine. It’s a fair question. It’s something that celebrities and activists [face]. … When you travel like this, is it speaking out of both sides of your mouth?

Lauer, you, Gore and the rest of the Hollywood elite can come talk to me about how man-made global warming is going to kill us all when you stop flying private jets around the world to promote global warming. Let me know when you own one car – a hybrid compact – live in a small, energy efficient house and refuse to fly in a private jet. Until then, you don’t believe anything you say, so why should I?