Imagine your a college professor with a website where you post information about your research. Should your website and information be protected only if the college agrees with it? Should controversial research be banned from the professor’s webpage? If you’re Robert Marks and you are working for Baylor and in the intelligent design related field of evolutionary informatics.

Here’s my question to supporters of Darwinian evolution – do you truly support freedom of speech or academic freedom? Should a professor have work pulled off the website because the research is controversial?

This is not a case where someone is out saying outlandish or racist things on the taxpayer’s dime. This is not a case where he is teaching intelligent design in a classroom setting where he shouldn’t be. He is simply doing research and hosting that information on the campus server – which is common place everywhere. Marks even agreed to put a disclaimer stating that his research was not in any way connected to a university position.

This is not about whether you agree with ID or not. This is about whether you accept academic freedom or not. I await the dancing and the avoiding of actual points, while fairies and monsters made of noodles will make prominent appearances.