Well not much fluff, but maybe just a little.

I have about a dozen or so articles on my blog feed that are interesting to me and I want to blog about them and point them out, but I don’t have the time to develop too much around them. With that being said, here is a lovely link dump on various topics.

Joe at Evangelical Outpost says that the issue is color blind justice when talking about the “Jena 6,” but that much of the talk is calling for an injustice based on race.

There for awhile prisoners could not read the dangerous idea of 40 days of purpose or several other ideas coming from non-approved religious books in prison libraries, but because so many from so many different sides reacted negatively to this case of “using a sledgehammer to swat a fly” the decision has been reversed.

Making enemy dictators smile and feel loved – your American press.

Shocking I know, but Planned Parenthood lied and the media praisedthem.

This actually was kind of shocking. When was the last time the IRS told you that you were wrong, but it was no big deal? I guess if you are a big liberal church, you can get away with that.

When in the South and running for the GOP Presidential nominee, do as the Baptists do or at least casually announce that despite what you have been saying for years, you are now a Baptist.

Having been a part of these promotional live “chats” before I found this hilarious.

Jesus goes to Gitmo – I guess it can be funnier than it sounds.

Hitchens is not great. In fact, he’s a liar, a scammer in it for the money and everything else he falsely accuses Billy Graham of being. Hitch needs to stick to what he knows and it apparently is not Billy Graham. But by trying to throw the ailing evangelist under the bus, Hitch guarantees himself more TV time and newspaper mentions and it seems that’s all he really cares about now. He lost integrity and honestly a long time ago.