Operation Banner stopped last night. That brought to an end the British army’s “longest continuous military operation.” For 38 years they have worked toward bringing security to Northern Ireland. John at Boar’s Head Tavern has an interesting take on it.

Now, if it takes 38 years for order to be sufficiently restored in Northern Ireland for the army to be withdrawn, I will leave it to others to speculate on how long it will take to reach a similar point in (ahem) other current theatres of operation.

Is there actually a push back coming after virtually everyone jumped off of what was deemed a sinking political ship. I’m not sure how many people believed we could not win the war militarily, but most really didn’t doubt that. It was the political resolve of the public and specifically the politicians that was in question. Perhaps the tide is turning. Who knows what that along with the continuing economic strength could mean politically in all the upcoming elections?