I have run across a lot of interesting news articles in recent weeks and I have had the opportunity to comment or link to very few of them.

So while I hate to describe this as a link dump (because the articles are intriguing and do not belong in anything called a “dump”), that’s pretty much what this is. However, I promise it will be a very interesting dump like those from Junkyard Wars, where you can find all kind of cool things and make a jet plane out of a bed frame and an ’82 Pinto or something like that.

Following on the heels of Transformers comes another 80’s cartoon robot movie: Voltron. Now that my childhood is summer blockbuster fare, I’m just waiting for Thundercats, Silverhawks and GI Joe.

The geek in me continues to look longing in the future to the movie screen as X-Files 2 is under works.

I’m already standing in line, as we speak, to buy tickets to see Prince Caspian. Now we get a chance to see him for the first time.

Barbara Kay laments the slide “new atheism” has taken into what she calls “martyrish victimspeak.”

Renowned religion scholar, author and former Lutheran pastor Martin E. Marty has some advice for Christians dealing with Dawkins, Hitchens and their ilk: relax.

Child: “Mommy, how did we pay for this big house?”
Mother: “Well baby, we sued the hospital and won $21 million because they didn’t tell us about a birth defect that you had. If we had known we would have killed you while you were in mommy’s tummy.”
Child: “Oh.”
Mother: “Never forget how much I love you and how glad I am that you are in our lives.”
Child: “…”

And you wonder why Christians don’t trust the mainstream media? They continue to illustrate that they view us like a strange new creature which speaks in a difficult to understand language. Somehow us Christians are able to distinguish different meanings from the very similar words: evangelist and evangelical. According to Reuters, we also, unbeknownst to most of us, believe that “the country’s social ills stem from high divorce rates and teenage pregnancies.”

But while Reuters may not understand us, there is one group that is working overtime trying to – Democratic presidential candidates.

Republican candidate Mitt Romney had an interesting quote about his view on separation of church and state.

While Romney won the recent Iowa Straw Poll, the big news seems to be who came in second, former Southern Baptist pastor, turned Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, who may have catapulted himself out of the also-rans.

Liberal netroots are not going to be happy about this. While the leading Democrats are out campaigning on getting out of Iraq now, most are quietly saying that it is going to take years and are conceding that getting out of a war is a complicated matter.

Global Warming
NASA has quietly corrected their temperature data that claimed 1998 was the hottest year on record. It turns out that after they were dragged kicking and screaming, the NASA data shows that 1934 was the hottest year and three others from the 30’s are in the top ten. Five of the hottest years happened before World War II.

While, NASA was changing their records to deafening silence, protesters were gathering at Heathrow to “combat” the airport’s part in the rising temps.

One of the best stories in baseball this year is the return of former Cardinals pitching phenom Rick Ankiel to the majors. After having a horrific collapse as a starting pitcher, Ankiel has repackaged himself as a power hitting outfielder. As odd as it sounds, it seems to be working. He had three home runs in his first two games.

I’ll have even more link dump goodness tomorrow.