Now that Mike Huckabee has kinda, sorta, maybe broke out of the “second-tier” he has begun to take some heat from other candidates, including our very own “Savior of the Constitution and Republic” – Ron Paul (or at least some of his supporters.)

Huckabee has been riding his surprise second place showing in the Iowa Straw Poll to new heights among Republican voters and donors. Wisely, his campaign seems to be spending a lot of time in South Carolina. On a recent stop at a popular restaurant in Spartanburg, SC, Huckabee learned the joys of the Ron Paul movement.

Knowing that Huckabee was speaking there, three men and a women parked a Ron Paul truck outside the restaurant, handed out flyers and came into the speech wearing Paul t-shirts.

Once inside one of the supporters started video taping Huckabee’s speech and then commenting about what Huckabee said. At this point several people trying suppress “the truth” started to get angry with the guy. When Huckabee started talking about the War in Iraq and what America needs to do to win, the Paulite eventually got frustrated and left.

Besides the Ron Paul freaks, Huckabee event went exceptionally well and drew over 100 people, many of which are very influential in the SC evangelical community. He said that since his showing in Iowa, he has booked 20 fundraisers in seven states over the next three weeks (before he couldn’t get anyone to return his calls).

It seems obvious to me what the Ron Paul supporter were looking to accomplish. How many videos pop up on YouTube every day about a presidential candidate from the opposition research team of another candidate. The supporters of “the only hope for America” were hoping to either catch Huckabee to make some type of misstatement that could be seized on or they were trying to rile him up and get him to look unChristian to the evangelical community. It seems they failed on both counts.

Huckabee has become the breakout candidate for the GOP and apparently Paul supporters are a little on the jealous side. I don’t know if this is a coordinated effort by the official campaign itself or just some of his average loons working on their own, but clearly Huckabee has awaked the ire of Ron Paul nation. That’s one more plus for me in the former Arkansas governor’s column.