The title for my latest link non-dump, is an homage* to my favorite guilty (and cancelled) TV pleasure: Veronica Mars. Man, I loved that show, but alas on to the links.

Ray “Chocolate City” Nagin is still an idiot.

John Mark Reynolds likes Mike Huckabee, which is exactly why he won’t be voting for him.

If he can get theologian/professor/blogger Reynolds to like him, but not vote for him, it may be time for Huckabee to drop his aim just one notch lower.

“Dear God, Thank you for this food that we are no longer eating.” A Tennessee couple lost 580 pounds on a faith based diet.

A former gay leader is no longer interested in a “gay identity” because he has been converted…to Mormonism. This brings up an unusual quandary for Christians who see the homosexual lifestyle as sinful, but regard Mormonism as a cult.

Speaking of quandaries with former gay individuals, a church in Texas is in the middle of one after they initially agreed to do a funeral for a family member of a church employee until, according to the church, they found out the man’s family was going to use the funeral in their facilities to condone the deceased lifestyle. The family and the church are in a “he said, she said” battle of who knew what when and what exactly was going to take place at the funeral.

Here’s an Associated Baptist Press article that looks back, somewhat unflatteringly, at Evangelical leaders initial support for the War in Iraq.

A bigger problem that church leaders face than what position to take on the war is how to stop hemorraging 20-somethings. According to a study by Lifeway, the potential answer(s) must be applied early and often.

While the Southern Baptist Denomination struggles to keep my generation coming, we can always send our teenage girls to Southwestern Baptist Seminary where they will be earning a glorified and accredited Mrs. degree.

Coming soon to a Catholic mass near you (or at least in Netherlands): There is no God but Allah. Roman Catholic Bishop Tiny Muskens told Dutch television: “Allah is a very beautiful word for God. Shouldn’t we all say that from now on we will name God Allah? … What does God care what we call him?”

*If you can tell me the actual quote from Veronica Mars you will earn a fantastic prize: my undying love and adoration.