• Uniformitarian Geology: AIG has a nice post reviewing the history of our current Uniformitarian understanding of the geological record, and why the large timescales are assumed, not proven – and assumed in order to support an evolutionary understanding of origins.
  • Theology and the age of the earth: AIG also has a nice analysis of the scriptures, explaining in detail why the Old Earth position is neither doctrinally nor scientifically sound.  One of my favorite arguments is, if God created plants in the third age (since OECs require the days to be longer "ages" to match evolutionary timescales), but didn’t create the sun until the FOURTH, that means plants survived without sunlight for ages. 
  • Canadians say no to evolution: A recent poll "revealed 60% of Canadians believe God had a direct or indirect role in
    the creation of mankind. While the poll on its surface suggests that
    Canadians, like their American neighbors (as seen in recent US Gallup
    polls), simply choose not to believe in naturalistic evolution, we need
    to go a little deeper before jumping to the conclusion that most
    Canadians are creationists."