Let it never be said that I don’t read or link to things I disagree with. Here is a column by Britt Towery, a retired Baptist missionary, pastor and current professor. He argues against evangelicals support for Israel and the War in Iraq.

These modern prophets never give a date for the final battle. They just spread fear about the impending Armageddon. But God’s army (American, I suppose) will come to their [Israel’s] aid and righteousness will prevail after a bloody exchange.

The term prophetic means “to tell forth” more than it means “forth tell.” It is not a fortune-telling book, but a guide to finding peace with God.

I have read Bible translations in more than six languages and all of them stress peace over war.

Call wars just, preventive or necessary, they are still hell on earth for all sides. Peace is the hallmark of Christ’s message, even if some of his disciples still do not get it. Both their Christian faith and patriotism are misplaced.

Again, I disagree with essentially everything Towery wrote, but it is an interesting take from a retired Baptist missionary.