Theologian and futurist Leonard Sweet has announced what he sees as the top 5 future trends that religious leaders need to know.

From Christian Post:

First, size does matter, he stated. Sweet believes the next big thing is the next small thing.

"My recommendation is to be sensitive to how people are doing ‘little large.’ For example, any Internet blogger may never be on radio or television but still find fame."

Second, in the next 10 years, the "well curve" replaces the "bell curve."

"Opposites are happening at the same time," Sweet stated. "They [are] not contradictory, so give up the middle. Start looking for those who are bringing the extremes together. You don’t build a bridge starting in the middle."

Third, EPIC rules.

In Sweet’s The Gospel According to Starbucks, the futurist calls the church to master the "EPIC" living that Starbucks has mastered. EPIC stands for Experience, Participation, "Images that throb with meaning," and Connection.

"The culture helps the church become more of an epic community," he said.

Fourth, everything in this culture is becoming more digitized. As a result of the Internet being the new "skin" for the world, Sweet believes everything is becoming decentralized and some, hyper-centralized.

"If you digitize, you decentralize."

And fifth, Sweet points to "Crusade Nine," which he calls the growing conflict with Islam.

"We’ve had eight crusades in the past. The difference with this one is that it is global. This could well become the biggest story of the next ten years."