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A recent article in Psychology Today takes to task, among other things, the notion that evolution only applies to biology.  I mean, hasn’t the mind also been affected by evolution?  As Tim Challies points out, Darwinian thinking expands like a cancer to try to explain all of human behavior.

True Darwinian believers can’t help themselves, because the "explanatory power" of evolution forges their views of origins and morality, since there is a vacuum in that area of the worldview of all who deny the other primary explanation of origins – creation.

Tim goes on to to discuss the absurdities of Darwinian thought as applied to the evolution of the psyche:

The ten politically incorrect truths in this article…are dressed up in a guise of Darwinism that makes them
absurd. The claims range from why most suicide bombers are Muslim, why
beautiful people have more daughters, why humans are naturally
polygamous, why sexual harassment isn’t sexist, and why blonds are more

What’s interesting is how some Darwinians claim that evolution explains just about everything, others deny using it as a worldview (but usually do).