I have the opportunity to go the Southern Baptist Convention in San Antonio next week. I will be flying out Saturday morning and staying in the Lone Star state until Wednesday morning. It’s an exciting opportunity that God has afforded me and my wife, so if I blog any then it will be live-blogging from the convention.

I’m hoping to try to find a computer I can borrow or something so I can actually blog from inside the convention. I’m sure if that will work out or not. There is also supposed to be computer access at the hotel, but that may be swamped with pastors emailing back pictures of the Alamo. So again, I may or may not be blogging from there.

If has been and will be a whirlwind month for me. My wife and I just got back from Indy (thoughts here) for a wedding. Now I’m heading out west. I haven’t traveled this month since summer missions in college.

So hopefully I can report firsthand on what’s going on in the annual meeting of the nation’s largest Protestant denomination. If not you know why I’m not blogging (or commenting).